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    New Union President Conor Brady shaking hands with his predecessor Fergal Keane after taking office at the AGM on 15th September 2019. Central Committee would like to take this opportunity to assure Mr Conor Brady of their continued support and wish him every success in his year in Office.

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    Our aim is to provide past men at home and abroad with a resource that will keep them in touch their Alma Mater and the Union.

    Contact treasurer@ccrunion.org with details of upcoming events, news and photos. All notified events will be entered on the Union Calendar. After the event, photos and a short report will be included in recent news.

    Suggestions on planning a reunion can be found by clicking on the reunion link above. The College recommend that reunions are held in September, ideally around the same weekend as the Abbots Cup. Reunions held over the school holidays may not have access to the College.

    We hope you enjoy using the website and that you visit it frequently as news and photos are regularly updated!

A message from the CCR Union President

Dear Pastmen,

This is a message, reaching out in friendship and solidarity to each of you, along with your
loved ones, at this time of extraordinary challenge and uncertainty.
We don’t know how this will end. But end it will, at some point. Some of us are old enough to
remember other great tests and we can recall our parents’ and grandparents’ memories and
recollections of the wars and threats they had to endure. We are a pretty resilient species.
I hope that all the qualities of courage, faith and strength that we absorbed in our time in
Mount Saint Joseph will now be activated in each and every one.

With all best wishes, prayers and thoughts.

Conor Brady,President,CCR Union 2019-2020

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