About Us

Cistercian College, Roscrea, Union, the association of past students of Cistercian College, Mount St. Joseph Abbey, Roscrea, was proposed on l6th December, 1929. The Union Constitution was adopted on 24th June 1930 and rules were passed on 8th November 1936. Life membership, in place of the original membership scheme, was introduced in November 1949.

A proposal at the time of the Golden Jubilee of the College to expand the membership of the Union through the establishment of Branches was formally approved by the Lord Abbot on 8th December 1957. A Constitution providing for this expansion, was unanimously approved by the General Meeting of the Union assembled at the College on 8th June 1958 in substitution for the previously existing Rules.

In the light of experience and with a view to the further development of the Union, the members of the Union in Extraordinary General Meeting on 8th December2000 unanimously adopted this present Constitution, which received the approval of the Lord Abbot on that date and were immediately brought into effect. All previous Rules are rescinded as of that date. It is not intended that anything contained in these Rules shall create any legally enforceable obligation and no such obligation shall be deemed to have been created by reference to these rules.

The current Central Committee shall continue in office pending the next Annual General Meeting of the Union following the adoption of this Constitution by the Union and their approval by the Lord Abbot and shall have authority to make the necessary arrangements for their introduction.