Cistercian College, Roscrea, Union, the association of past students of Cistercian College, Mount St. Joseph Abbey, Roscrea, was proposed on l6th December, 1929. The Union Constitution was adopted on 24th June 1930 and rules were passed on 8th November 1936. Life membership, in place of the original membership scheme, was introduced in November 1949.

A proposal at the time of the Golden Jubilee of the College to expand the membership of the Union through the establishment of Branches was formally approved by the Lord Abbot on 8th December 1957. A Constitution providing for this expansion, was unanimously approved by the General Meeting of the Union assembled at the College on 8th June 1958 in substitution for the previously existing Rules.

In the light of experience and with a view to the further development of the Union, the members of the Union in Extraordinary General Meeting on 8th December 2000 unanimously adopted this present Constitution, which received the approval of the Lord Abbot on that date and were immediately brought into effect. All previous Rules are rescinded as of that date. It is not intended that anything contained in these Rules shall create any legally enforceable obligation and no such obligation shall be deemed to have been created by reference to these rules.

The current Central Committee shall continue in office pending the next Annual General Meeting of the Union following the adoption of this Constitution by the Union and their approval by the Lord Abbot and shall have authority to make the necessary arrangements for their introduction.

1. Title of the Union

  • 1.1 The title or name of the Union shall be Cistercian College, Roscrea, Union.


2. Patron of the Union

  • 2.1 The Lord Abbot of Mount St. Joseph Abbey, Roscrea shall be the Patron of the Union.

3. Aims and Objectives

  • (a) To promote and maintain camaraderie, goodwill, friendship and fraternal relationships amongst Past Students of Cistercian College, Roscrea and between Past Students and the College, with concern for the welfare, both spiritual and temporal, of all members of the Union;
  • (b) To uphold the good name and reputation of the College;
  • (c) To promote amongst members of the Union a deeper understanding of Cistercian values;
  • (d) To assist, where possible, younger members in preparing for, establishing and developing their chosen careers;
  • (e) To communicate with Union members throughout the world by means of the current Roscrea Union publication or periodical and / or Web Site;
  • (f) To encourage Union members of all ages and in particular as many young Union members as possible to participate in the affairs of the Union.

4. Membership of the Union

  • 4.1 Membership of the Union shall be conferred only on Past Students of the College and on members (both serving and retired) of the teaching and residential care staff of not less than five years’ standing in the College. They shall, in common with all members of the Union at the date of adoption of these Rules, enjoy the benefit of the rights and privileges, and accept the obligations, of membership in accordance with these Rules.
  • 4.2 The names and last known addresses of members of the Union shall be inscribed in a Roll of Members which shall be kept at the College under the supervision of the Central Committee. The Roll of Members shall be accessible to members of the Union at all reasonable times.
  • 4.3 Honorary membership of the Union may, on the proposal of the Central Committee, be conferred by the Union in general meeting on persons who are deemed by the Central Committee to have rendered special service to the Union, the College or the Abbey. Honorary members shall have the same rights and privileges as ordinary members of the Union save that they shall not have the right to vote at general meetings.
  • 4.4 Subject to any decision of the Central Committee from time to time, a subscription entitling a student to life membership of the Union shall be payable at the time he leaves the College.


5. Central Committee

  • 5.1 Membership of the Central Committee shall consist of:
    (a) to make bye-laws for the regulation of any matter not dealt with in these Rules,
    (b) to raise money (by appeals, fund-raising events or otherwise), and to expend Union funds, for any purpose related to the aims and objectives of the Union,
    (c) to make and notify decisions as and when necessary for the interpretation of these Rules,
    (d) to delegate matters as and when necessary to sub-committees drawn from its members and from members of the Union generally; and,
    (e) to co-opt, with a view to balancing the age profile of the Central Committee, six members of the Union to the Central Committee who shall hold office until the next following annual general meeting of the Union.
    (f) to appoint three trustees in whom the assets of the Union shall be vested.



  • 5.3 The Central Committee shall maintain a bank account under the title of “Cistercian
    College, Roscrea, Union – Central Committee” into which all moneys received by the Central Committee shall be lodged. All cheques or other payments from the account shall be signed by any two of the following namely, the General Treasurers and the General Secretary. Any security or investment account in which Union funds not required for the immediate purposes of the Union are kept shall be held in the names of the Union trustees appointed or varied from time to time by resolution of the Central Committee.
  • 5.4 There shall be not less than three Ordinary Meetings of the Central Committee in every year on dates to be fixed during the months of March, June and November, respe