CCR Rugby Grand Slam Draw 2020

Photos courtesy of Pat Hanratty


Remember this, and how it made you feel, whether you were in the RDS or watching it on TV, or when you got the news in whatever part of the world you were at the time.

One of the reasons for CCR’s success in recent years has been the commitment of the Rugby Support Group, involving staff, pastmen and current parents. There has been a great investment in equipment, coaching etc which has seen CCR consistently at the top table throughout the past very competitive decade both in the League and Cup competitions. Although the last two years have seen an early exit from the cup, CCR did win the Plate last year.

And now we kick off another year’s campaign with an appeal for support in the annual Grand Slam Draw, where instead of FOUR prizes there are SEVEN!


I have listed the prizes below in case it’s not clear in the photo.

Many of you in recent years have bought tickets from me, using internet banking: for those wishing to do so this year, just email me at and I will send you the payment details. As always the tickets are €10 each of €50  for a book of 6. It has always given me great pleasure to deliver a few thousand euro to the RSG on behalf of pastmen, and they are always deeply appreciative of it. (And I am well aware that very many pastmen support this draw via other routes – including one who told me that Willie Burns the RSG Chairman gave him 10 books to sell!)

The draw will take place on MONDAY 27th January in the College, so DON’T delay – reply pronto, and I will make sure you get your tickets!

The list of prizes is:

  1. Accommodation and 2 match tickets for Ireland v Wales,  8th February 2020
  2. 2 match tickets to Ireland v Scotland  1st February 2020
  3. 2 match tickets to Ireland v Italy  7th March 2020
  4. Round of golf for 4 in Druids Glen
  5. 2 Match tickets to Manchester United in Old Trafford
  6. Round of Golf for 4 in Milltown G.C.
  7. Ten tickets for Kilbeggan Races**.

And remember, since I started supporting this draw in 2013, there was only one year when  didn’t have a winner among the tickets I sold!

Looking forward to hearing from you!   Happy New Year to all!

Pat Hanratty.